About us

Who is Muppeschoul

The Muppeschoul was founded in 2021 by Fanny Rieth. Fanny turned a long standing passion for working with animals such as dogs and horses into her job and she's has received the dogtrainer diploma at the Akademie für Tiernaturheilkunde (ATN) in Switzerland after she finished her Bachelor degree in Cultural Studies. Fanny has two Australian Shepherds, a horse and rabbits and she grew up surrounded by animals.

The goal Muppeschoul is aiming for is to create a better relationship between you and your dog and to get to know your dog better. This helps in gaining a deeper understanding of your dogs behaviour and gives you the ability to fulfill his needs. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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The philosophy of Muppeschoul

The training at Muppeschoul works through "positive reinforcement", which means that we reward behaviour we like in our dogs. One possible way of using positive reinforcement is through a "Marker Signal" such as a clicker or a marker word, which helps the dog connect the desirable behaviour with the reward. In order to achieve the best possible result, it's important, that the owner of the dog and every person who handles the dog apply the training methods on a daily basis.

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The training happens in public parcs in Luxembourg city, in order to put the dog and owner team into daily situations. Through that we achieve, that the desired behaviour is learned in a normal surrounding, which enables the team to use their new skills in their everyday life and not only on a training ground.